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The Libertyville High School Wildcat Football program provides a unique “Friday Night Lights”
experience for our community with thousands of people in attendance each week supporting the team.
To continue this strong tradition, the Wildcat Football Parents’ Association (WFPA) is asking for your
partnership to support the 2023 Wildcat Football Program.

When you sponsor, 100% of the proceeds go directly to support the Wildcat Football Program, including
uniforms, equipment, team events and the funding of the Coach Kuz Scholarship Program awarded
annually to two senior football players. Our Wildcat Football players, families and fans are loyal to our
supporters and sponsoring the football team is a great way to show support for the local community,
which in turn can help build a positive reputation for your business and create goodwill among local
customers. Libertyville loves to support Libertyville!


Wildcat Platinum
Wildcat Gold
Wildcat Silver
Wildcat Bronze
Wildcat Booster


As a Sponsor, you will receive placement on the WFPA website www.wildcatsfootball.org, placement on
the Wildcat Story of the Season website, social media promotions as well as your ad printed on the
weekly roster sheets for home games with QR codes. *In addition, Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors
will also have signage at the LHS stadium, receive recognition, be announced and thanked for their
support at home football games.

If you have any questions or other ways you can help, please contact us.
Thank you for your support of Libertyville Wildcat Football!


To complete your sponsorship contract, payment and artwork must be remitted as follows:
ARTWORK DUE DATE: No later than August 1st, email to:

Katrina Treutelaar
WFPA President