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Train Like a Champion – Eat Like a Champion

Proper Eating is a Part of Your Equipment

Don’t Cheat Yourself or Your Team Out of 

Your Best Effort by Not Eating and 

Hydrating Properly



5 Keys to Good Football Nutrition:

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast 

2. Formulate a Hydration Plan - Drink Fluids Early and Often

3. Think About Refueling: Eat 45-60 Minutes Before Practice and

Eat Carbohydrates/Protein Within 15 Minutes After Finishing  Practice.

4. The Power Plate = 1/3 Rice/Pasta; 1/3 Lean Protein; 1/3 Fruit & Vegetables

5. If You are an Athlete, You are an Athlete 7 Days a Week. Eat Like an Athlete 7 Days a Week.


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